Industrial Painting

Okanagan Paint Kings offers a full fleet of quality industrial painting services that improve the safety of your industrial facility, protect its interior and exterior, and enhance the appearance and efficiency of your business. Our company a reputation as a leader in the industrial painting service sector of the Okanagan Valley and we have experience painting facilities all over British Columbia. Our painting Vernon professionals are well equipped for painting a wide range of industrial materials and surfaces, including corrugated metal, factory-painted metal, steel panels, stucco, brick, aluminum siding, galvanized metal, and much more. To better serve our clients, our painting Vernon team always works closely with our clients and ensures that our industrial painting services do not interrupt their industrial processes. We provide the following affordable industrial painting services for businesses in and around Vernon, Armstrong, Lake Country, Lumpy, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Blind Bay, Sicamous and surrounding communities:

Warehouse painting

Painting your industrial warehouses is crucial to ensuring the protection and secure storage of its valuable contents. Our industrial painting contractors are knowledgeable about the best practices for this critical part of the maintenance and care of your industrial warehouse. Our crew can paint the interior and exterior of any warehouse, including metal, steel clad and galvanized steel structures. Our warehouse painting service will apply protective coatings that defend against moisture, rust, and corrosion as well as protecting against additional damage from exposure to industrial processes, pollution, and the damp climate of the Okanagan Valley.

Machinery & equipment painting

Poor performance and malfunctioning caused by rusted machinery and equipment with peeling paint and other visible signs of wear can prove costly to your business. Our machinery and equipment painting services restores valuable machinery and equipment. Our painting and restoration improves your assets’ appearance and function! Our painting Vernon team are able to paint all kinds of machinery and equipment including mixers, blenders, lathes and drill presses in machine shops, metal stamping presses, chroming lines, tank linings, roll forming equipment, milling machines, high-heat furnaces, food processing equipment, robotic welders, and conveyor systems. Our industrial painting professionals can even create a uniform look for your workplace by streamlining all of your industrial machinery and equipment. In addition to good corporate branding, streamlining increases safety and productivity by clearly delineating work areas. Contact our industrial professionals to determine the machinery and equipment painting service that best suits your needs.

Metal deck ceiling painting

Ordinary wear and tear to metal deck ceilings is exacerbated by moisture, steam, extreme temperatures, exposure to industrial chemicals, corrosives and other aspects of industrial production. Painting can protect and restore your metal deck ceiling. Our professional industrial painters can apply an attractive protective coating to all or part of any metal deck ceiling, which will extend its lifespan, improve its appearance and can even make look like new again!

Storage tank / silo painting

Our industrial painting contractors can paint any size or model of storage tank or silo. Painting industrial silos and storage tanks protects their interior and exterior from the damaging effects of pollution and weather, while ensuring safe storage of their contents. To guarantee lasting protection the outside and inside of silos and storage tanks, we use only top-grade industrial coatings in our storage tank / silo painting projects. Depending on the specific job, surface preparation using our professional services can guarantee the best results for our storage tank / silo painting.

We encourage anyone responsible for maintenance of any style of size of industrial facility in the Okanagan Valley to get in touch with our industrial painting contractors to learn more about the range of services Okanagan Paint Kings offer that help improve the appearance, function and safety of your industrial facility. Review our past photos and read some of our client reviews to learn more about our painters and our industrial painting, commercial painting, home painting, and epoxy floor coating services. To better serve our clients and be able to respond to painting emergencies, our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Contact our company today for a free on-site estimate.